Services Bridges

Card Creek Bridge Replacement

Card Creek Bridge Replacement

– Design

– Replacement

– Rehabilitation

– Remediation

– Inspection

– Hydrologic Analysis

Design and Maintenance of bridges must combine function, strength and economy of design to achieve the most effective result. E&M has inspected and load rated a multitude of bridges for the state, county and local governments. Several of E&M’s employees have had long term responsibilities in bridge design, inspection, remedial measures and plans for rehabilitation.

E&M’s broad experience is reflected in the variety of bridges, types and materials which have been handled by our staff, including steel, concrete, wood, composite and multiple culverts.


Hamlin Dam Inspection

Hamlin Dam Inspection

– Flood Control Projects

– Dam Rehabilitation

– Inspections

– Stream Stabilization

– Inundation Studies

E&M has conducted long-term analysis on local smaller dams in the area. The analysis includes yearly inspections of the structures and consultation with the municipalities on remedial measures to be implemented. 

E&M has also been involved with the construction of smaller dams locally, and studies on the impact the dam will have on the surrounding environment. 


U.S. Energy Air Stripping Unit

U.S. Energy Air Stripping Unit

– Site Remediation – Phase I & II

– Landfill Design

– Oil & Gas Industry Services

– Alternative Energy Assessment

– Wetland Mitigation

E&M provides a broad range of environmental services including, SWPPP reports, PCSM plans, E&S plans, Wetland mitigation design, NPDES permits, SPDES permits, SPCC plans, landfill cell design, Brownsfield site investigations. 
E&M’s team of Civil and Environmental engineers work together to provide a cost-effective solution to meet the client’s needs. 

Recreational Facilities

Local Park Improvements

Local Park Improvements

E&M has been commissioned for development of Parks and Trails from the feasibility study through the planning stage to construction. E&M has also been called upon to perform studies for camps, prepare plans for tennis courts, spray pools and swimming pools, changing houses, and lay out a horse track. E&M has completed design and construction services for the 5.5 mile Allegheny River Valley Trail in Allegany & Olean, New York, and for the Tuna Creek and Marilla Brook Trails in Bradford and Foster Townships, McKean County, Pennsylvania.


Congress St. Streetscape

Congress St. Streetscape

– Alignment & Topographic Surveying

– Right-of-Way Mapping

– Roadway Design & Specification

– Geometric Layout

– Drainage Design & Specification

– Streetscapes

E&M’s experience working with State, County, and Local highway department procedures has yielded the necessary insight to provide maintenance, plans and specifications for roadway development.

The firm’s services include HOP permitting, road and highway design, remedial consulting, GPS field data capture, Survey layout, and construction inspection. 

Site Development

Lafferty Industrial Park

Lafferty Industrial Park

– Feasibility Study & Mapping

– Site Layout

– Environmental Assessment

– Utility Layout

– Drainage Design


– Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

– Landscape Layout

E&M has been involved in all phases of site planning and development for a vast array of projects. Completed projects includes; Industrial parks, Subdivisions, Commercial Sites, Manufactured Housing Communities, Apartment Complexes, Senior Housing, Condominium, Student Housing, Manufacturing Facilities, Economic Development Zones.

Specific design and planning work has been carried out for: culvert design, site layout and grading, parking lot design and grading, stormwater management, E&S plans, NPDES and SPDES permits, and Landscape design. 


Alta/Acsm Survey

Alta/Acsm Survey

E&M has experience in surveying:

– Small residential lots

– Rural lands

– Large State land projects

– Large Federal Wetland Easements

– Industrial Siteing and Development

– Subdivision Planning

– Manufactured Home Community Development

– Planned Unit Housing Development

– Campuses

E&M has a staff of experienced Surveyors who can quickly and accurately survey a site. E&M’s surveying and CAD staff has been called upon to provide surveys for property and right-of-way acquisition, construction layout, record plans, utility location update, aerial control, elevation certificates, geodetic control, ALTA/ACSM, topographic cross sections, and GIS mapping. The team also provides their services for design work if required. 

Water Supply Systems

Langley Drive Pump Station

Langley Drive Pump Station

– Water Main Design

– Pump Stations

– Wells & Pumps

– Storage Reservoirs

– Distribution Analysis

– Backflow Prevention Structures

– Inflow & Infiltration Analysis

E&M Engineers and Surveyors, PC has assisted clients with various types of water supply projects from comprehensive water studies, source location, development and delivery to treatment for various contaminant removals. Engineers at the firm also have a background in conducting distribution analysis, utility replacement and relocation, inflow and infiltration analysis.   

E&M strives to provide municipalities, industries, developers and individuals with the most economical supply solutions to meet their needs.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Sheffield Township Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sheffield Township Wastewater Treatment Plant

– Septic System Design

– Hydrologic Analysis

– Hydraulic Analysis

– Treatment Plant Design & Analysis

– Permits and Applications

E&M’s staff has demonstrated a variety of understanding in the evaluation, planning, design, construction and operation of numerous wastewater systems for municipal, industrial and private clients.

E&M Engineers and Surveyors has designed wastewater treatment facilities ranging from individual household systems to large municipal systems. These projects include small alternative wastewater systems, innovative and alternative treatment systems, advanced treatment systems, and infiltration and inflow analysis and planning.

E&M has also worked with industries, such as paper manufacturers, slaughter houses, and machinery manufacturing facilities to help with their water needs.

Construction Services

  • Building Inspections
  • Septic System Evaluation
  • Building Plans
  • CAD Plans
  • Construction Inspection
  • Permits & Applications
  • Project management
  • Inspections
  • Cost estimates
  • Grants administration
  • Operation and maintenance startup

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